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Tatsunoko Mystery Box will be bundled with one random limited-edition figure (Approximate 10 cm) and a corresponding Tatsunoko 3D model NFT. You then own both virtual and physical collectibles at the same time.Each Mystery Box features one random limited-edition Tatsunoko Figure and one Tatsunoko NFT.
Tatsunoko Figure and NFT Mystery Box (Series 1)
USD 65

■Inclusive of:

1 x 10cm Physical Limited-edition Tatsunoko Figure 1 x Tatsunoko NFT* (as 3D avatar in the exhibition) 1 x Unlimited Access to Tatsunoko Virtual Exhibition

*Each Tatsunoko NFT, same character as the physical Tatsunoko figure, serves as the unlimited “Entrance Pass” and the 3D model avatar in Tatsunoko Virtual Exhibition Hall on VEXMETA during the exhibition period. Remarks: Binance Pay, Visa, MasterCard payment methods are available for use.

Tatsunoko NFT

(same as the character of the figure)Total 8000pcs, each 1000 NFT of the specific characters associated with 4 different rarity levels
600 pcs
200 pcs
160 pcs
40 pcs

Series Content

Tatsunoko Figure

8,000pcs of Tatsunoko Figure. A total of 8 versions will be available, limited to 1000 pieces per version.
Exclusive Limited-edition Tatsunoko Figure *Images may differ from the actual product

Physical Figures Specifications

Physical Figures Specifications
Approximate 10cm height
Expected Shipping Period
Q4 2022


What is the Tatsunoko Virtual Exhibition in VEXMETA?

Embark on an amazing journey with Gatchaman, Gordian, Tekkaman Blade, Samurai Pizza Cats and many more on VEXMETA.

Tatsunoko Virtual Exhibition presents 15 signature IPs in 2022 exclusively on VEXMETA. The Tatsunoko NFT owners can experience the virtual exhibitions by controlling the corresponding avatar(s) Tatsunoko Exhibition Hall on the VEXMETA. Immerse in classic scenes in visual and audio format, interact with the characters, chat real-time with fans around the world, play mini-games and many more.

How to get the entrance pass?

Simply Buy 1 Tatsunoko Figure and NFT Mystery Box and connect to your NFT wallet. The Tatsunoko NFTs will serve as the entrance pass to enter the Tatsunoko Exhibition Hall on VEXMETA.

On sales on 17 April, 2022 at 21:00 (HKT) on

Each Mystery Box includes one limited-edition approximate 10cm physical Tatsunoko Figure and one Tatsunoko NFT.

Tatsunoko Production Official Website



An NFT or non-fungible token is a digital asset.

NFTs ‘exist’ on blockchains and this is the way the uniqueness and ownership can be verified. No one can modify the record of ownership or copy/paste a new NFT into existence.

Each NFT is numbered. The NFTs are underpinned by smart contracts and these contracts use varying ‘standards’; Tatsunoko NFT uses the ERC-721 token standard, and built on the public chain "Polygon".

Encrypted wallets provide access to assets on the blockchain by providing a private key to the address, which allows the wallet owner to authorize transactions. If you own the private key, you own everything at that address.

The wallet will handle all technical issues for you and provide a good user interface for buying, selling, and transferring NFT or cryptocurrency. In addition, it can provide higher security through two-factor authentication and provide a convenient way to manage assets across devices.

Every Tatsunoko Figure and NFT Mystery Box you purchase will contain one approximate 10cm limited-edition physical Figure and a corresponding 3D model Tatsunoko NFT. You will be able to view which collection you have received once opened!

Tatsunoko NFT holders enjoy unlimited access to and use the 3D model NFTs as avatars in the Tatsunoko Virtual Exhibition during the exhibition period.

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